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Sligo International Chamber Music Festival

Aoife Ní Bhriain and Tim Vogler to Tutor Young Quartets at New Chamber Festival

Inaugural Sligo International Chamber Music Festival features Vogler Quartet, RTÉ Contempo Quarted, Crash Quartet, Caiman Gilmore and more.

As part of the New Sligo International Chamber Music Festival, which takes place from 29 April to 2 May, violinists Aoife Ní Bhriain and Tim Vogler, as well as members of the Vogler Quartet, will provide masterclasses for young quartets.

The masterclasses will take place on Friday evening and Saturday morning and the festival is currently seeking applications from those who are interested in participating. For full details, see here.

This is the inaugural year of the Festival, which grew out of Music in Drumcliffe, and the diverse programme will feature performances from the Vogler Quartet, the vocal ensemble Amarcord, RTÉ Contempo Quartet, Crash Quartet, Mesefe Quartet, Ní Bhriain, and double bassist and composer Caiman Gilmore of the Sun Collective.

Contempo will perform the Irish premiere of Gerald Barry’s String Quartet No. 1, with the composer in attendance; there will be a Music Education Network Event where a panel will discuss roles and opportunities for music tutors and students in Ireland today; in a special concert for young people, members of Crash Ensemble will perform work by Terry Riley and more with Caiman Gilmore – Gilmore will also give a composition workshop, focusing on songwriting, arranging and contemporary composition, on the Saturday; Amarcord perform a range of music in two concerts, from Renaissance works to Tom Waits; Vogler Quartet perform with Amarcord and also present works by Stravinsky, Smetana, Bach and Beethoven; and Contempo and the Vogler will conclude the festival with an Octet by Reinhold Glière.

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